First Impressions at City Tech NYC

Following my 1 year hiatus from education after high school, I finally got off my ass and applied to a University, that would be City Tech on Jay Street, NYC. I’m writing this to give you my first impressions after my first week attending.

1. The campus is bigger than any school I’ve ever been to.

I guess that’s a given but I haven’t been to a universities’ campus before so it was huge to me.

2. They seriously need a map booklet or something.

I’ve gotten lost my first 3 days in a row. Looking at a post on the wall in the main building would tell you that the library is in the “Atrium Building”, I think they meant across the atrium instead of calling it a building… Also the library spans over 4 floors apparently, it would be easy to find a place in a corner somewhere to do some studying without being noticed. By the way if the classroom number starts with an L, it’s because the classroom in the building that houses the Library. They seriously need something that says this.

3. I do think the bridge between the main building and library building is beautiful though. Image of inside of atrium

4. They need more elevators (;_;) 6 isn’t enough for the over a thousand? Students who need to go up 10 stories…

5. The entrance has these futuristic machines that you can place your ID card on and they open like the MTA turnstile. Theoretically someone could enter behind someone without scanning because the closing delay is so large, I haven’t tested this though lol.

6. The 5 professors I have are all lovely people, except my Public Speaking professor, she has main character syndrome (-_-)

Anyway I’m happy with my experience so far and will post photos in the gallery soon to show off the surrounding area and some parts of the inside.

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