The Fear of Public Speaking

So in my current catalog of university courses, public speaking is one of them. This week we had to come prepared to class with a monologue, song or poem to present in front of the class. Luckily we did not have to memorize our selection however we were graded based on the several techniques we learned during class such as look at the audience, eye contact, and other things such as to not present yourself as stiff and dress appropriately.


As people went up to present, I was internally counting the amount of people and calculating the chances that I’d be called to go up lol. I was more so focused on calming myself down, reassuring myself it’d be ok. Surely if these people going up can muster up the courage to present their piece, I can too, right? That was the question I was brewing my nerves over the entirety of my waiting period.


As soon as I was called, it was like a different me took over. I immediate got up and went over to the podium, however now that me was gone as I faced my audience. I read in my textbook that approximately 30 seconds after starting a speech, your nerves calm down. During my first 30 seconds, I was more preoccupied with making sure I looked at my audience rather than making sure I made no mistakes in my presentation. But god damn, after those 30 seconds, my nerves were gone. It’s important that what you present, is something you are passionate about.


It was magical, I was more focused on making sure I emphasized what I needed to emphasize, that I portrayed the emotions I wanted to portray. If you are wondering what my presentation was about, it was a sonnet about Pokemon, the trading card game in particular lol. The sound of the applause I think sort of made it worth it. I wouldn’t say entirely but with this experience I think I’d be less likely to be nervous for next time.


My point being is, if you don’t put yourself out there due to nervousness, you’ll never break out of your shell, break your nervousness. It’ll stick with you in everything you do in the back of your mind. The thought of public speaking would make me nervous, a few weeks in and that’s mostly gone. I have a good feeling I’ll pass this class with at least an A. We’ll see. Thank you for reading this and have a great day :-).


Oh and watch Zom 100, it seriously is a pretty great comedy anime.

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